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Gottman Method Couples Counseling


Healing Relationship Issues


Get Back to the Happy and Connected Couple You Once Were

(without painful relationship counseling!)

Because Helpers Love Differently

Is Bringing Work Stress Home Killing Your Relationship?

76% of couples report that work stress affects their relationships

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“Top 10 Relationship Killers for Helpers”

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In it you will identify if you are a Helper, and get useful exercises to open communication with your partner. Start the process to get back everything you once loved about your relationship.

Free 15 Min. Couples Coaching Consultation Calls Available

*Please Note: Unlike my one-on-one therapy and traditional couple’s therapy sessions, my Gottman Method Couples Coaching is available to people from any state.*

Being a “Helper” means you’re generous with your time, energy, and attention. This can be professionally or socially. You may be a therapist, service provider, or first responder who provides support and empathy to those in need in high-intensity environments. Or maybe you aren’t a helper professionally, but you are the go-to in your circle of friends for advice and support during hard times. Often you come home feeling emotionally drained and exhausted and have nothing left to give to your own partner at the end of a long day.

Relationship Issues Helpers Often Struggle With:

    • Conflict and Communication issues that seem to get worse when you address them
    • Having the same issues for so long that you feel “stuck” and are at an impasse 
    • Feeling your partner always thinks the worst of you, no matter how you approach it
    • You lost the friendship you once had and no longer feel connected
    • You have no time for each other and never go on dates or have fun together anymore
    • Your sex life is unsatisfying or nonexistent and you’re not sure how to voice your needs
    • Everything just feels too darn serious and hard all the time!

If you feel you’re at the end of your rope and don’t have the energy to fix what is broken in your relationship or marriage, that’s where I come in. I light the path for you and give you the hope you are too tired to find yourself. And I promise it is still there somewhere, just waiting to be found. 

What is the Gottman Method and How Does It Work?

The Gottman Method was developed by Doctors. Julie and John Gottman who studied “Master Couples” and what key factors made their relationships long-lasting, happy, and fulfilling. The key components of the Gottman Method are “friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning.” They call this the “Sound Relationship House” approach to couples counseling. As a Gottman Method therapist and coach, I pass on what they learned to you so that you can get back to the sexy, connected relationship you had in the honeymoon phase! 

Gottman found that 69% of couples are dealing with “perpetual conflict,” meaning issues that continue to recur, but are easily addressed with his technique. I help you learn how to resolve ongoing conflict by developing increased empathy for your partner, re-learning communication and intimacy, and finding shared meanings to build on. These are the main tenets of the Gottman Method of relationship theory, and they work!

Why The Gottman Method is Better Than Traditional Couples Therapy

Does your partner hate the idea of being dragged to emotionally intense relationship or marriage counseling sessions? Men often have a hard time “seeing a therapist” but the idea of seeing a relationship “coach” may appeal to them.

Or maybe you have already done deep psychological work with a therapist yourself, but still have trouble communicating your feelings/needs to your partner? If so, seeing a Gottman Method relationship coach is a refreshing, and fun, place to start. Gottman Method Couples coaching is an excellent alternative to traditional couples therapy for those who want to focus on pragmatic solutions instead of emotionally invasive therapy sessions.

How the Gottman Method Changed My Life

In my first marriage, I did not know how much being a Helper affected my relationship. I was working as a crisis worker at the time and when I got home from work at the end of a long day, I did not want to deal with any more chaos or arguments. I was emotionally exhausted and burnt out, and so was everyone around me. The end result was that our relationship issues got pushed aside and eventually led to divorce. I just did not have the energy to do more emotional work at home, even though I was a therapist myself. 

Now I know that helpers love differently, and what I needed was not another therapist, but someone to help motivate and energize me to work on the marriage. I now have a happy, healthy marriage with a partner who understands I am a helper by using the same Gottman Method techniques I guide you through.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to figure out your relationship issues on your own. Even if you feel like you should know how to “fix it” because you help other people for a living

If you are having trouble finding the hope left in your relationship, don’t give up, Contact me.

Options for Gottman Method Couples Coaching Early-Bird Sessions:

Option 1: Intro Gottman Coaching Session and Relationship Check-Up Assessment –  $300

  • This includes one 60 min. Session with me where I walk you through the Gottman Method Relationship Check-Up Assessment. Then you use this as a launchpad to work through what you have learned on your own.

Option 2: Bi-Monthly Coaching Package – $500 per month, 3 month minimum commitment

  • We meet every other week in 60 min. sessions for 3 months.
  • You receive a thorough write-up of your assessment with a detailed action plan for repairing trouble areas in your relationship and building on your strengths.
  • You are invited to join our Private Facebook group to connect with other couples, share your struggles, get advice from other helpers, as well as guidance from me.

Read more about how a Gottman Method couples session works here.

Not sure if the Gottman Method of Couples Coaching is for you?

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