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You are HUNGRY to make changes and live your BEST life. You are often nervous and stressed and wish you had reassurance that you are awesome and got this. You’re an overachiever and you thought that when you finally hit your goals in life that you would feel complete joy, but you don’t. Being a perfectionist makes you struggle with getting enough sleep many nights, makes it hard to prioritize taking care of yourself and causes you to be on the edge with people you love most. You help everyone else, now it’s your turn. Like Rachel Hollis says, “You Are Made For More.”

Or maybe you have already done the work to live your best life but your relationship is rocky. A lot of your stress is due to feeling misunderstood, not finding compromises and having conflict in your relationship. I help you and your partner improve your relationship using a John Gottman Couples perspective.

Convenient and confidential sessions are done from HIPAA secure videos in any quiet place of your choosing. The last thing that you need to worry about is having to get to another appointment.